Friday, September 18, 2009

South Carolina Ruling Implications

A recent ruling in South Carolina between the Diocese of South Carolina and TEC and a breakaway parish seems to have been in favor of the breakaway group. The Episcopal Cafe writes:

In the case of All Saints Parish Waccamaw v. The Protestant Episcopal Church, the Supreme Court of South Carolina ruled today against the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of South Carolina. The court said that All Saints Parish is free to separate from the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of South Carolina and join with the Church of Rwanda and the Anglican Mission in America.

I read the ruling, and from what little I understand of its legal language, it seems that this case may have broader implications for many of the churches/parishes currently in the Diocese of South Carolina. I wonder, indeed, if this may pave the way for the Diocese itself to leave the Episcopal Church and take many properties along with them -- if such a decision comes to be made one day.

Presumably, such will be appealed by the Diocese and/or The Episcopal Church all the way to the United States Supreme Court -- as TEC will have to do in the Virginia cases as well.

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